Lead Your Business Effectively, Efficiently and Profitably
to Thrive in Any Economic Time

At Tony Robbins' 4 Day Training Program you can learn how
to grow your business 30-100% in the next 12 months!

Tony’s Business Mastery event is structured around a 7-step process:

The 7 Forces of Business Mastery

World-class businesses are created and continue to dominate by constant improvement in these 7 areas. Whether you’re an army of one or a multi-billion dollar corporation, they are the principles and strategies that you must understand and master to take your business to the next level. Over 4 days you’ll be empowered with the skills and tactics you need to gain an invincible advantage - in any environment.

Create an Effective Business Map

The world is changing too fast for a traditional business plan.

You need to know where you really are and have a map that will guide you from there to where you want to be. One that will give you the flexibility to anticipate and capitalise on change.

Just some of what you will discover together:

  • The 5 Key Questions you must know and answer to create sustainable growth
  • How you can successfully adapt to changing conditions, and grow your business faster.

Constant Strategic Innovation

What is your X-Factor? Looking at your products, services and delivery, what is your company great at? As a leader in your industry, you have to strategically innovate. Customers expect a constant evolution of improvement or they will go elsewhere.

You’ll learn:

  • New ways to add more value than anybody else does
  • Jay Abraham’s 3 Ways to Grow a Business.

World-Class Strategic Marketing

Your marketing must be as great as your product or service.

You’ll learn:

  • Today you’ll get clarity on your Unique Selling Proposition
  • And learn how to build a Core Story that gives you an automatic advantage over your competitors.

Sales Mastery Systems

Marketing makes people want to do business with you, but sales is what you get paid for. You must create multiple channels to capture, convert and close sales.

You’ll learn:

  • Learn the secret to finding the very best sales people
  • Then how to inspire, train, reward and manage them to become an extraordinary force for growing your sales.

The Power of Legal and Financial Analysis

Do you know where your company is spending its money? We all have blind spots. How do you ensure that your business stays financially sound? You can’t just hire a CFO and forget it.

You’ll learn:

  • Today you’ll receive the tools to understand and manage your cash, not just your bottom line

Optimisation and Maximisation

How do you grow your business 30, 60 or 100% or more in a way that doesn’t require extra investment in marketing?

Sometimes, the biggest growth opportunities don’t come from new initiatives, but rather from taking the core processes the business is already doing and executing them more effectively.

  • Learn how you get even smarter about how you deploy your resources.
  • And how to optimise your business with a series of micro-improvements that can create geometric change.

Raving Fan Customers

You must understand, anticipate and consistently fulfil the deepest needs of your clients. The more value you are able to add to your customer, the more you’ll dominate the marketplace.

  • Learn how to get your team to make the psychological and emotional shift that will set you apart and enable you to create raving fan clients who generate referrals and repeat business

Note that this schedule is a guide only and may vary.

Learn Tony Robbins' strategies working alongside
some of the brightest business minds in the world

Keith J. Cunningham

Speaker, Author, Businessman & Entrepreneur

Regarded as one of the foremost authorities on financing, investing, negotiating and business strategies Keith Cunningham is a successful Texas entrepreneur with more than 40 years’ experience, who has launched numerous highly profitable businesses, negotiated hundreds of million-dollar-plus deals, and has raised and structured more than $1 billion of financing for his business ventures.

Interestingly, Keith is the inspiration for Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

“In a word; EFFECTIVE. Keith's teachings are immediately impactful and full of insight. Anyone who spends five minutes with him realises this. I highly recommend him!”
Charles A. Lewis, Vice President, Business Development at The Castle Group,LLC

“Keith gives you the skills and tools to achieve the success in your business that most seminars and speakers only talk about – You learn from a master that teaches what he experienced. If you want to be GREAT you can’t afford not spending time with Keith.”
Nicolai Moltke-Leth, Denmark

Scott Klososky

Multiple startup CEO, author, founding partner of FPOV (Future Point of View)

Recently ranked among the Top 10 Social Technology Speakers, Scott is a thought leader who specialises in helping leaders see the world in new ways. He has used innovation, velocity, and future vision to build his own companies, and to advise clients. He was founder and CEO of webcasts.com, an early producer of online media, which he sold for $115 million.

“I have recently had the privilege of attending Business Mastery, in Melbourne. Scott's presentation raised our awareness of the importance of technology in business and its rapid expansion means that we need to embrace technology or be left behind. He provided us with practical tools that can be applied immediately on how to use technology to move a business forward. I am always humbled when I have the honour to meet with amazing people who have such a depth of knowledge in their area and yet such a willingness to freely share their message. Thank you Scott.”
Roz Bishop, Roz Bishop & Associates

David Meerman Scott

Marketing strategist, advisor to emerging companies, bestselling author, professional speaker

Our always-on, web-driven world has new rules for competing and growing business. Advance planning is out – agile is IN! Those who embrace new ways will be far more successful than those who stay who stay stuck and afraid to change. No one knows more about using the new Real-Time tools and strategies to spread ideas, influence minds and build business than David Meerman Scott.

“The highest rated presenter at our Fortune Small Business magazine ‘Sales and Marketing Summit’ – in front of hundreds of our nation’s top mid-market CEOs and executives—David cut through the jargon and provided a practical and example-filled presentation on how executives can actually utilise the Web 2.0 revolution to drive business to their companies.”
- Verne Harnish, CEO, Gazelles Inc., Fortune Conference Group

“PwC recently hosted a series of events for Australian Non-Executive Directors with David Meerman Scott. The feedback we received from the Directors was outstanding. Through the use of case studies, stories, and research findings, David managed to cut through the hyperbole and present a compelling picture of real-time communication and the implications for business. Thank you for an amazing session that is already inspiring change.”
Bruce Morgan, Chairman, PwC Australia

Jay Abraham

Listed by Forbes as one of the top 5 executive coaches in the USA

Founder & CEO of The Abraham Group, Jay is recognised as one of the world’s most successful and impactful marketing strategists, business innovators, entrepreneurial advisors/mentors, and masters of “revenue and performance enhancement and acceleration.” He has spent the last 25 years solving problems and significantly increasing the bottom lines for over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries worldwide.

“Jay is a genius. He’s a very, very special man. He’s the one who taught me to fall in love with my customers – not my products and services.”
Tony Robbins, Entrepreneur, author, peak performance strategist

“Jay Abraham is one of the greatest business and marketing minds I’ve ever known.”
Stephen R. Covey, Legendary Business Guru



Business Mastery premieres 3D Live Interactive Human Hologram

In an industry first, the world’s #1 life strategist appears at Business Mastery as a HumaGram™ – via world leading holographic technology.

Not a recording, it’s happening live. Not a TV transmission, Tony will be life-size, right in front of you in 3 dimensions – no special glasses needed. He’ll be able to see you and respond exactly as though he was there in the flesh.

You’ll be one the first to witness the cutting edge of the future live event experience.

You’ve never seen anything like this – join Tony Robbins in Augmented Reality

"Awesome - it was as if he was actually here"
See attendee responses from Business Mastery 2015 in Melbourne


"I’ve designed this program to inspire, educate and unite you and your team to meet the challenges of economic change and reinvent yourself in a dynamic marketplace."


The best opportunity to save and maximise the synergy between you, your business team and leaders.

  • Full program includes:

    • Entry to Tony Robbins’ Full 4-day Event.
    • Six Online Strategy Sessions: Learn the latest tools and strategies from Tony Robbins & other business/ marketing experts in these online teleseminars.2
    • Six individual RPM coaching sessions (30 min. each): Personal coaching from a trained Robbins' elite coach on Tony's proprietary Rapid Planning Method.2
    • 100% $1 Million Satisfaction Guarantee 3

Alternatively, let one of Tony Robbins Team assist you on 1800 244 388

About Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins has coached and counselled Fortune 500 CEOs, members of two royal families, members of Parliament, and a former United States president. His clients have paid him more than one million dollars a year for his business coaching services.

For three decades, he has served as a key advisor to renowned world and business leaders. He has an unrivalled ability to distil complex strategies into simple and powerful models that can be applied immediately to produce measurable, lasting results.

An honoured business strategists:

  • One of the "Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the world" - Accenture
  • One of the "Top 200 Business Guru" - Harvard Business Press
  • One of the "Top Six Business Leaders in the World" - American Express
  • A Top 100 Celebrity- Forbes

Are You Ready to Lead Your Business
to a Place Beyond Business- As-Usual?

If you know anything about Tony Robbins, if you have had any experience with him or his programs, you know one thing above all else; he delivers.

His 4 day, application-only event, Business Mastery, is coming to Sydney, 2016. Using state-of-the-art strategies and access to some of the most renowned business leaders of our time, you will immerse yourself in solutions for lasting and inspiring business results.

Would you invest 4 days to finally take control of YOUR business?

What People Are Saying

  • Tony Robbins ranks as one of the "Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World."
    Accenture's Institute for Strategic Change

  • Tony Robbins ranks among the "Top 200 Business Gurus."
    Harvard Business School Press

  • "The high priest of human potential. The world can’t get enough of Tony Robbins."
    The New York Times

  • Tony Robbins named one of the top 6 advisors to help clients take their business to the next level.
    American Express

  • "My listings are up 266 percent, and I've tripled my sales volume. All this in 90 days!"
    Kelli Rogan, Realtor, ReMax, Duluth, Georgia

  • "Tony has truly delivered on ALL his promises and exceeded even my wildest expectations.

    Matthew Januszek, Partner, Escape Fitness, Equipment LTD

  • "I’ve attended all of Tony's events and the passion, vitality, focus, and determination
    it has given me in my business is beyond amazing!"

    Marc Enlow, CEO Enlow & Associates

  • "Just one idea taken from Business Mastery has led to 60% of all new clients taking our new added services for a fee. Much like Tony's previous work,
    Business Mastery is a revolutionary look at business."

    Gary Valkenburg, CEO Superior Service

  • "After implementing just one strategy from Business Mastery, my monthly revenue doubled in 3 days. I'm ecstatic about applying everything else I've learned! If you're looking for results,
    Tony Robbins will deliver!"

    T'ai Erasmus, CFT, Professional Fitness Coaching Systems

  • "The ideas and strategies we learned from Business Mastery are really paying off.
    Did someone say there was a recession?"

    Jeff Theriault, Owner, Theriault Financial

$1 Million 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, after attending the first full day of Business Mastery, you believe the program won't provide you with ways where you will save or increase your revenue by $1,000,000, just let us know. Turn in your manual and materials and we will send you a refund for the Business Mastery event.

Event Details

Event Dates

Monday 8th - Thursday 11th August

Event Times

Monday 8th August 2016
7.30am – 8.45am
Location: Foyer outside The Concert Hall

8th – 11th August 2016
9.00am – 11:00pm

Please note times for the event are approximate only and are subject to change.

Download factsheet here

The Concourse

The Concourse

409 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood 2067 NSW
Event Hall: The Concert Hall